Hospitality (Hotel) Industry and its different sectors

Posted on: February 13 2020, By : Drishti Khimshia
Hospitality Industry in London, UK
The Hospitality Industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, travelling, airline and additional fields within the tourism industry.  Hotel recruitment agency in London takes care of all these fields and hires candidates accordingly. This industry depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as restaurant, hotel or an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance and direct operations. Hotel staff recruitment agency in London looks after the hiring of the housekeepers, kitchen workers, bartenders and etc.
Hospitality industry concentrates on customer satisfaction by creating good service and products that meet their needs. There are different types of products and services in this industry like diversity of cuisine, dining options, variety of beverage, hotel themes etc. It is important for service providers to establish a good relationship with customers, so that they come back again. 

Different Sectors of Hospitality Industry

Accomodation and Lodging:
Accomodation sector is incredibly broad and has wide range of services. For accommodations and lodging to thrive, it relies on customer service, comfort and high quality amenities. Hospitality Recruitment Agency in London has catered itself to hire candidates for different services. Other sectors of hospitality overlap with accomodation, especially food and transportation. London catering and hospitality recruitment agency offers restaurant and bar services that require skill bartenders, chefs and service staff for efficient run during opening hours. Different types of Hotel accomodation are:
1. Resorts – Most popular for travellers and Holiday makers, they are integrated with nature and give customer a break from normal lifestyle.
2. Suites – Hotels offer expensive, grand suites that cost more than a hotel room and have more amenities.
3. Lodging – Lodging is much more basic and gives a person somewhere to sleep in between their travels. 
Food and Beverage:
The Food and Beverage Industry is a crucial sector of the hospitality industry, and has many different types of businesses. From greasy café to luxurious star restaurant, or a coffee shop to a high-end cocktail bar and everything in between, there are so many different types of establishments. Hotel Recruitment Agency in UK knows the top restaurants and their requirement of candidates to hire for them. The popularity and growth of Food Service establishments across the globe, many industry professionals consider full-service restaurants an entirely separate category of the hospitality industry because people always look forward to food, and many choose to try local cuisines.  The food industry starts at food production stage and ends when the food is in front of the customer. 

Travel and Tourism:
The travel and tourism industry is a large sector of the hospitality industry and has several key aspects across the globe. This includes trains, cruise ships, airlines, and crew members in service. People consider Tourism synonymous to hospitality, but it’s a different sector in Hospitality industry.  All sector heavily rely on tours and travels industry, because without profound levels of travelling and tourism in a location, the hospitality in that region won’t grow. Massive domain and innovation, strategy, and novelty are crucial for success of any travel and tourism business. 
This industry is not limited to leisure and travel for fun. It includes formal and informal travel, like people travelling across the world for business, education, entertainment, holidays, and more. Customer focus is crucial for the success of this industry.  The Hospitality recruitment agency in UK understands the requirement of the travellers and the company thus the staff hired is experienced in that field. 
Entertainment Industry:
This Industry relies on its customers having disposable income. The entertainment thrives when it brings laughter and enjoyment to customers, overlaps with other sectors in Hospitality industry. It is impotents that entertainment plays a significant role in travel these days. A travel experience that lacks fun and entertainment feels empty and futile. Top recruitment agencies in UK provides a successful hospitality business as they need many entertainment activities also like –
1. Marinas – Hop on a private yacht, dance play games and etc.
2. Sports and Gaming – Most basic entertainment aspect that people look for when travelling. Swimming Pools, Casinos, and much more part of the hospitality sector. 
3. Night Clubs – Taking a break from everyday life and having a few drinks is a great way to unwind.
4. Bars – Bars make an important [art of the entertainment sector as many people rely on them for social and professional scenarios. 
These Sectors in the Hospitality Industry are led by the perfect hiring of staff which is done by the Leading Manpower recruitment agencies in London, so that the restaurants, travel companies, Hotels and entertainment places are not disappointed with bad staff. 
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