: UP TO £58k
: London
: 1
: D/B/M Pharmacy Degree
: Both
: 5-7 Years

JOB DETAILS             
Scope and Responsibility
•    Writes, review and approves importation and distribution strategies relevant to project objectives (e.g., production, selection of medicines, quantification, importation, storage/stock management and distribution).
•    Develop full-scale project plans and associated communications documents, and review of high level deliverables.
•    Analyze and evaluate pharmaceutical supply chain management
•    Accurately evaluates achievement of production and supply chain management plan based on objectives and available resources.
•    Develop and maximize social marketing strategies based on M&E findings
•    Makes sound recommendations to improve productivity, solutions to issues affecting quality, and health and safety.
•    Detect inadequacies and recommend corrective actions.
•    Initiate communications with various health care facilities, inquire about their medical supply needs and possibly negotiate a supply deal
•    Keeps deadline and efficiently manages priorities.
•    Provide monitoring and evaluation team with regular recommendations/inputs on quality control assessments
•    Assist monitoring and evaluation team in qualitative and quantitative surveys
•    Provide managing director with financial analysis and assess finance team in developing financial strategies
•    Consult marketing department to identify and reach targeted audiences
•    Monitors and evaluates selling points on regular basis and provide technical team with recommendations
•    Approach donor agencies and international NGOs as part of business development
•    Ensures compliance of importation, distribution and stock management, equipment, and premises.
•    Ensures quality of production is maintained in keeping with costs and schedules.
•    Supports technical team in order to meet project objectives and deadlines.
•    Other duties assigned.
 Skills and Requirements
•    Decision Making
•    Problem solving
•    Autonomy and a sense of responsibility.
•    Ability to manage change.
•    Having deep knowledge in pharmaceutical sector, and identifying suppliers and donors in Afghanistan as part of the business development efforts
•    Ability to manage priorities, meets tight deadlines, and ensure follow-up.
•    Ability to work in a quality- and results-driven environment
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