: £50k - £60k
: London
: 1
: Graduate
: Both
: 3years - 6years

JOB DETAILS             
A cloud architect plays a pivotal role in an organization’s IT landscape. The core responsibilities of a cloud architect is to collaborate with IT security to keep company data secure in the cloud. 
Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Cloud architects create and optimize cloud computing solutions tailored to an organization’s needs.
2. Optimization involves fine-tuning resources and configurations.
3. They will create cloud-based applications that are both efficient and secure.
4. Ensuring the reliability of cloud solutions and operations is essential.
5. Managing and maintaining the cloud system and ensuring its functionality and performance.
6. Working with stakeholders, developers, engineers, and designers to deliver innovative cloud-based applications and services.
7. Keeping track of how much cloud space is being used and ensuring that the system is running smoothly.
8. Conducting migration to tranfer tools and other aspects into the cloud, as needed. 

1. Ability to design and implement cloud infrastructure.
2. Interpersonal skills.
3. Knowledge of various IT ecosystems.
4. Leadership skills.
5. Proficiency in programming and coding languages.
6. Knowledge of one or more cloud environments, such as Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, or AWS EC2.
7. Good written and verbal communication skills.

1. More flexibility and reliability.
2. Increased performance and efficiency.
3. Lower IT costs.
4. Good user accessibility. 
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