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There are currently 2,000 people are employed within the UK wine industry, from vineyard workers to winemakers and administrative support to cellar door staff. 

WineGB states that over the next 20 years the industry will create between 20,000 and 30,000 new jobs, providing a sizeable boost to the economy. It also predicts that by 2040 the industry could generate an additional £658m in revenue a year through tourism as wine estates seek to attract visitors from outside the UK. To prepare for an influx of tourists from the UK and abroad, estates have been upping their game on the hospitality front via vineyard restaurants, tasting rooms and new facilities that cater to winery tours and tastings. Being a prominent player in Wine Industry Recruitment Agency in London, having responsiblility to provide quality manpower to clients.

We are one of the Top Wine Industry Recruitment Agency in London, Wind & Sprit Executive Search Firm in London, Wine Sales Recruiters in London, Wine Employment Agency in London doing recruitment in Wine Industry all over UK.The UK wine industry is experiencing rapid growth. There are now over 500 vineyards and 165 wineries operating in Britain. English and Welsh wines are now exported to 40 countries and the wines are doing particularly well in the US and Scandinavia, which currently account for 65% of all exports. The area under vine in the UK has increased by 160% in the past 10 years to 7,000 acres. Last year, 1.6 million vines were planted with a further 2 million expected this year. Wine Industry Recruitment Agencies near me provides good local candidates.

We have acess to all over Wine & Spirit Industry Recruitment in UK. We do also provide Wine Industry Recruitment services in London. Recent warmer summers have played a role in increasing investment and sale of wines. Most of the wine produced is of a white and sparkling variety, with the majority of vineyards in existence across Southern England and Wales where the climate is warmer than that of northern areas.  Vineyards are becoming more commonplace in counties such as Essex, Sussex and Kent, where more varieties of wine can be produced due to the drier and warmer climate. 

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