The UK is home to a highly successful water industry – and one that is ready to respond to global opportunities. Offering cutting-edge products and technology, as well as internationally renowned consultancy, the UK’s adaptable and innovative solutions can help to address any water-related challenge, wherever it may be in the world. Water Treatment Industry Recruitment Agency in London, UK can provide suitable manpower. The UK water industry can draw on decades of experience in developing integrated water-resource management solutions and techniques. Its 20 water utilities invest £5.85 billion in assets each year and £5.17 billion in services, employing 45,700 people and creating 86,000 indirect jobs. Approximately 400 specialist engineering companies generate revenues of £1.5 billion. Supporting the UK water industry is a world-class regulatory framework. This has driven an efficient, innovative sector that can operate to the highest levels of environmental protection, quality maintenance and customer protection. Water Treatment Recruitment Agency in London, UK can be suitable to find out exact suitable manpower for the industry. It can be linked with Water & Sewage Treatment Recruitment Agencies in London, UK for the same kind of work.

The UK is helping countries to confront the challenges of water shortages.
  •  Utilities in England and Wales invested £2.1 billion in water resources and treatment in 2013 to 2014
  •  Utilities operate 1,433 water treatment works and 5,950 service reservoirs in the UK
  •  Already using 41% of its renewable resources, South East England must develop further sustainable solutions in order to meet growing demand.
As the global search for new freshwater supplies intensifies, UK companies are at the forefront of successfully accessing new water sources. Water Treatment Recruitment Agencies near me provides good local candidates.
The UK can help countries to respond to these considerable challenges. It has developed pioneering new technologies to help identify new sources of water, as well as cutting-edge methods in desalination. Moreover, in the field of dam design, maintenance and inspection, the UK’s skills, capabilities and thoroughness are widely recognised. The UK also has world-renowned consultancy expertise and experience in the areas of water-resource modelling/master planning and integrated river-basin management which, when properly developed, all have a key role to play in reducing the growing problem of global water scarcity. 

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