A telecaller is an individual who is an accessory or part of the multi faceted BPO industry and play the most important role in regards to customer support and customer acquisition. A telecaller is responsible for the conversion of enquiries into sales by answering inbound telephone calls. The telecaller is also responsible for advising present or prospective customers by answering incoming calls on a rotating basis; operating telephone equipment, automatic dialing systems, and other telecommunications technologies. Influences customers to buy or retain product or service by following a prepared script to give product reference information.

A telecaller is considered as a very crucial role in any part of the industrial sector as they are the ones who are the persuasive ones and also responsible for the handling of customers. Telecaller is also responsible for giving out the proper product information to the ones in need of it. Job demand for the telecaller job roles is in a recurring flow and any industry regardless of the sector of work is mostly in need of it.

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