• The F35 Customs Control Analyst is responsible for performing a variety of tasks in support of the corporate compliance effort and HMRC legal obligations required to account for goods entering and leaving customs control.
  • The position supports the importation of F-35 Global Spares and deposit of such into a bonded warehouse.
  • They must ensure all legal requirement are met when stores are processed to appropriate discharge as agreed by HMRC held under the Union Custom Code procedures.
  • Conduct auditing on the HMRC Management Support System (MSS) on a monthly basis to ensure all imports and exports are processed correctly.
  • Ensure all Customs Warehousing regulations and procedures are met.
  • Work closely with the LISS team to maintain the Duty Management System (DMS) in order to ensure the system is up to date and serves purpose for managing the supply chain for F35.
  • Work closely with LM Aero in the US to support the global supply chain for F35.
  • Ensures that freight and logistic issues, including those related to customers or suppliers are reported to RMS Trade Compliance Lead, and acts to resolve any problems.
  • Decide on the preference for freight movements and meet savings objectives to achieve the best and most efficient route to effect delivery or transfer of goods.
  • Responsible for the customs control of all imported F35 (Lightning) goods into the Global Spares Pool including efficient record keeping support and accountability for deposited goods into a nominated Custom Warehouse sited at the MoD base at RAF Marham in Norfolk.
  • Accountable to the F-35 (Lightning) Freight Control and Shipping Officer for coordinating and management of all Compliance related evidence which shall be presented to HMRC or Government Compliance visits
  • Track all stores once informed by Autonomic Information Logistics System (ALIS) to ensure the real time customs position is known before discharge out of customs control.
  • Stand in for Freight Control Officer when required.
  • Perform accurate commodity code assessments to realise the dutiable element of all spares entering the UK customs border.

Required skills, qualifications and experience
  • Be able to report statistics and audit licensing activity in the business interest.
  • be able to perform accurate analysis of data within spreadsheets and databases in line with regulatory policy and procedures.
  • Knowledge and understanding of custom procedures under the Union Customs Code in line with HMRC policy.
  • Experienced practitioner in HMRC policies.
  • Attention to detail and be able to determine discrepancies between import records and procedures.
  • Immediate level – Microsoft Excel.

Desired skills, qualifications and experience
  • Working knowledge of MS Office including Word and Access.
  • Knowledge of HMRC regulations.

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