As Britain is an island nation, shipping and the maritime sectors are among the most important industries to the UK economy. Every single person in this country, every single day, will touch, use and eat goods that have been brought to the UK by ship. That is because 95% of all imports and exports are moved by sea. Shipping Industry Recruitment Agencies in London having good control over recruitment of Shipping segment.Manufacturers rely on shipping to import their raw materials, and to export their finished goods. Energy companies rely on shipping for their oil and gas. Supermarkets rely on it to stock their shelves. Hospitals rely on it to ensure they have the medicine and equipment they need. And 65 million passengers rely on shipping for access to public services, employment, business and holiday travel every year. London Shipping Recruitment Agencis can be rely up on on recruitment of sepcific Shipping domain.
Shipping is an overwhelming success story for the UK and is renowned for its leadership across the world. The country relies on the £10bn the shipping industry contributes in GDP. It supports 240,000 jobs, and everyone relies on it for the £2.5bn it pays in tax to the UK Exchequer.
Although very few people are aware of it, over 90% of the UK’s visible trade moves by sea. Worldwide, the shipping industry continues to expand to meet the demands of globalisation – in the last 40 years the world’s population has doubled yet maritime trade has quadrupled. Ships carry 77% of world trade and seaborne trade is forecast to almost double over the next 15 years. With increasing world trade and growing maritime leisure interests, the range of supporting maritime activities is always growing. The UK has a great maritime history and today boasts the largest maritime sector in Europe. Shipping Recruitment Agencies near me provides good local candidates. With a turnover of over £56 billion – bigger than automotive and more than double the size of aerospace and agriculture combined – and directly employing approximately 410,000 people, the sector makes a massive contribution to their economy. They are technological leaders in offshore oil and gas extraction, and strong in marine manufacturing; they are world-beaters in yacht design, building and racing; they have some of the most prestigious cruise companies in the world; and London is the world centre for maritime financial and legal services. The maritime industry is one that combines travel, technology, good pay, safe working conditions, and real opportunities to reach full potential. Without shipping, half the world would starve and the other half would freeze. Shipping Industry Recruitment need specialized Recruitment Agency.

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