• Checking the accuracy and viability of the product specification.
  • Adapting computer systems to meet the requirements of the work.
  • Allocating, distributing and checking work with available staff.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the quality of the order.
  • Improving processes and cost-efficiency.
  • Managing production staff and trainees.
  • Liaising with customer account managers to discuss time or process setbacks.
  • Ensuring collaboration between different staff in different departments.
  • Keeping contact with customers to ensure specifications are carried out.
  • Complying with health and safety standards and workplace legislation.
  • Recommending changes and improvements.
  • Good organisational skills and the ability to priorities work, set targets and make decisions
  • The ability to work accurately and methodically under pressure
  • IT knowledge
  • Initiative, with problem-solving skills
  • Numerical and verbal reasoning
  • A high level of communication abilities, as the production planner is often the link between the shop floor and management
  • appreciation of customer service
  • Tact and the ability to persuade and negotiate.

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