• Establish regular contact with politicians, political advisers, civil servants, non-departmental public bodies or regulators to keep them informed about the organisation’s work and policy concerns organize or attend regular meetings with these stakeholders, representing their organization and forging contacts with key decision-makers.
  • Report back to colleagues on the content of such meetings and arrange follow-up submissions.
  • Monitor proceedings of the UK Parliament and European institutions and provide analysis of these for senior staff members.
  • Provide internal forecasts of the likely effect of public policy changes on their organization.
  • Write or edit submissions to government, EU or regulator consultations.
  • Provide written or oral briefings for senior staff members and advise them on contact with decision-makers.
  • Draft press releases and build relationships with media contacts.
  • Keep abreast of important media stories on a daily basis.
  • If necessary line manage a team of public relations officers.
  • Proof-read and, if necessary, rewrite media statements.
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills: Public affairs managers have to write briefings, press releases and consultation responses, as well as give presentations internally and externally
  • Great networking skills: More than for most jobs, networking skills are integral to the role. Public affairs managers need to possess or hone the ability to confidently approach a diverse range of people and strike up a conversation. This needs to be allied to the ability to stay in touch with decision-makers and retain contacts.
  • People management skills: Often, public affairs managers need to manage a team of public affairs officers.
  • Information gathering and interpreting: The ability to take on board and understand reams of new information is a key skill that is required of a public affairs manager. They have to keep abreast of ever-changing political developments and advise senior staff of the implications for the organisation.
  • Political knowledge: An intimate knowledge of the political process in the UK and Europe is crucial.