•  In-depth knowledge of Drupal 8, plus experience of previous Drupal versions (particularly Drupal 7)
  • Excellent knowledge of PHP, including Object Oriented techniques and design patterns. Any experience of other modern PHP frameworks such as Symfony is a distinct advantage
  • Experience of deploying and managing applications on the Acquia Cloud platform

  • An appreciation of modern web application techniques, such as integrating modern JavaScript frameworks into applications
  • Experience of modern JavaScript frameworks such as React or Angular is an advantage
  • Good all-round web development experience, including awareness of best practices and standards such as accessibility, usability and web standards
  • Experience of working in agile teams and working in an agile manner in a commercial environment
  • Experience of delivering web solutions in an integrated environment, with an understanding of how to optimise solutions to gain performance and stability
  • Good awareness of DevOps – including Configuration Management, Environment Management, Release Management and Automation