• Manage social media profiles, create post, follow up of results, active listening of comments in social media; contribute to social media engagement and brand awareness campaigns.
  • Manage of paid media campaigns, in social media, SEM, etc. – definition of targets, segments, goals, and analysis of results, ROI.
  • Manage email marketing campaigns via the e-mail marketing tool used in the company.
  • Keyword research and web statistics reporting.
  • Digital marketing reports, analysis of actions performed in the different channels, customers and traffic acquisition, return of investment.
  • Research new opportunities that may benefit the business;
  • Communicate with external agencies and other partners for the organization of events, paid campaigns or any other actions;
  • Keep up to date with current digital trends;
  • At least three years of experience in digital marketing and web analytics.
  • Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SEO keywords research tools, Social media analysis performance tools
  • Ability to analyse and synthesise quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Excellent communication skills. Ability to explain complex concepts and convey the conclusions drawn from data analysis.
  • Effectively work and interact with business teams (commercial, financial...) and technical teams.
  • SQL knowledge and the ability to extract and exploit data from different Databases. Automation of reports and data management tasks.