• Create, review and implement business procedures 
  • Work with department heads 
  • Plan company activities 
  • Manage financial budgets 
  • Take care of company expenditure and bills 
  • Manage company property such as cars, telecommunication devices, and laptops 
  • Handle business procurements 
  • Delegate responsibilities 
  • Hire, train, assess and fire staff 
  • Execute administrative responsibilities 
  • Attend meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences 
  • Travel to different locations 
Requirements and Skills
  • Have thorough knowledge about marketing strategies 
  • Be able to manoeuvre and develop business procedures 
  • Have proficient leadership, organizational and supervisory skills 
  • Be dependable and professional 
  • Have computer and software skills 
  • Have superior training and presentation skills 
  • Be able to communicate successfully in both written and verbal format 
  • Be able to properly manage teams and employees 
  • Be able to delegate responsibilities 
  • Have first-rate skills in understanding, creating and analysing financial reports or budgets 
  • Be able to produce high level of quality service to colleagues 
  • Understand organizational culture 
  • Be cordial and amenable 
  • Be resourceful, inventive and self-confident

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