Recruitment refers to the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring and onboarding employees. In other words, it involves everything from the identification of a staffing need to filling it. Recruitment is a process of finding and attracting the potential resources for filling up the vacant positions in an organization. It sources the candidates with the abilities and attitude, which are required for achieving the objectives of an organization. To increase the efficiency of hiring, it is recommended that the HR team of an organization follows the five best practices. These five practices ensure successful recruitment without any interruptions. In addition, these practices also ensures consistency and compliance in the recruitment process. Recruitment process is the first step in creating a powerful resource base. The process undergoes a systematic procedure starting from sourcing the resources to arranging and conducting interviews and finally selecting the right candidates. A structured recruitment plan is mandatory to attract potential candidates from a pool of candidates. The potential candidates should be qualified, experienced with a capability to take the responsibilities required to achieve the objectives of an organization. The following steps are important in analyzing a job -
  • Recording and collecting job information.
  • Accuracy in checking job information.
  • Generating job descriptions based on the information.
  • Determining the skills, knowledge and skills which are required for the job.
Traditionally, the role of hiring is the employer's responsibility. Recruitment agencies act as the bridge between employers and employees, handling the tasks of identifying top talent, vetting candidates and presenting the top candidates to clients. A genuine Recruitment Agency will always place an emphasis on finding talent for permanent positions, including upper management, and executive roles. Next, your recruitment agency will meet with you to discuss your hiring needs. Maybe your company needs multiple positions filled. The agency's goal is to gather as much information as possible so they can identify and attract the best possible candidates for the job. Typically, you will provide your agency with a clear job description, a list of requirements, a list of important skills and attributes, as well as any other key criteria. With a list of potential candidates, the agency will then screen these individuals and set up interviews. The interview process is two- fold. First, the agency will arrange candidate interviews with their agency. This will allow the agency to get a better feel for the candidates and whether they might be good matches for your company. It is during this process that the agency will brief candidates on your company's need, culture and long- term vision. There are host of reasons your company should turn to a recruitment agency for your hiring efforts, but there are three specific areas that stands out. Recruitment agencies have access to the larger talent networks.

Being one of the most stable economy of the world with just 4% of unemployment, makes United Kingdom one of the best place for both freshers and experienced people to make them recruited in UK. It also lets the international students to get an opportunity to work in UK. There are several recruitment agencies within the country that help people in finding jobs within the various segments of industries. People might ask that What is the recruitment process in UK?, so that they can choose from the myriad of opportunities for themselves and prosper in their professional life with the most suitable job. The recruitment process provided by these agencies act as the go- between for employers and jobseekers. They work on behalf of employers to find suitable candidates to fill their vacancies. Many employers use them, and signing up will sometimes give you access to jobs that aren't advertised elsewhere. Interview etiquette in the UK is fairly standard for a western country. After you interview, it is common for companies to give a rough timeline of when they expect to make their decision, with this usually being around two to four weeks. Like any other country, UK has a very competitive job market in the world. Degrees in finance, marketing, cloud computing, retail, banking and accounting are highly sought after. Having a degree from a UK based university increases your chance of getting a suitable job across the country. So, for them getting answer to the question What is the recruitment process of UK?, is rather easier.

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