Recruitment process is the first step in creating a powerful resource base. The process undergoes a systematic procedure starting from sourcing the resources to arranging and conducting interviews and finally selecting the right candidates. A structured recruitment plan is mandatory to attract potential candidates from a pool of candidates. The potential candidates should be qualified, experienced with a capability to take the responsibilities required to achieve the objectives of an organization. Hiring and recruiting are not the same thing. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there are crucial differences between the two. Hiring happens when you need to fill a role and consider candidates for employment. Recruiting is the process of attracting top talent to your organization. The temptation to drop the job post on every available job board and cross fingers that a great candidate will pop up is a common symptom of reactive recruitment. Savvy recruiters know that they must have an arsenal of quick options at their disposal to attract people in different ways. For big organizations, or companies planning expansion, recruitment events are perfect for attracting the type of people you need. Events can range from hosting open days to being at job fairs, holding a hackathon and graduate recruitment drives on campus. Methods of recruitment in human resource management must not be cast in stone. Recruiters and hiring managers must be willing to explore all forms of internal and external types of recruitment if they want to find the best candidates. With the ever- present war for talent going on, your innovative recruitment methods will draw attention and make your employer brand stand out.

All you need to do is to call and make an appointment with a trusted Recruitment Agency, so that you can drop by at a time that is most convenient for you. The best part is that you do not need to worry about preparing a lot of documents. Explain who you are, why you are contacting them, how do you got their contact information. and end with a question or statement that lets them know you are interested in the job. There is a very common question among the people that Can you just walk into a recruitment agency?. One thing is that as a candidate, it is therefore important to introduce yourself to recruiters in the best way when approaching them for the first time. Let them know that you are keen and are willing to give your hundred percent effort and commitment. Give them examples of the jobs that fit your niche. Provide them with as many details as possible. Arrange all the basic things required beforehand that you would like to discuss. There are the following things an individual must keep in mind while approaching a recruitment agency-

  • Know that the responsibility for your career belongs to you, not the agency.
  • Register your CV with several agencies, to open yourself up to as many opportunities as possible.
  • Only apply for relevant jobs.
  • Built a good and a healthy relationships with recruitment consultants.
Interview etiquette in the UK is fairly standard for a western country. After you interview, it is common for companies to give a rough timeline of when they expect to make their decision, with this usually being around two to four weeks. Like any other country, UK has a very competitive job market in the world. Degrees in finance, marketing, cloud computing, retail, banking and accounting are highly sought after. Having a degree from a UK based university increases your chance of getting a suitable job across the country. Currently London is the most active and prominent city within the nation of the United Kingdom. Not only does London have a varied array of talent, there is something energizing about the entrepreneurial culture that exists within the capital. There is a genuine appreciation for entrepreneurs who take risks and try something different. There are few different ways to get a job in London. The most popular method is to use online job board. However, you can also search directly on company websites or contact recruitment agencies specializing in finding foreign countries jobs. Another option is to come to the UK on a work visa. So, yes it can be said that the question Can you just walk into a recruitment agency? has many relevant answers. The city is a great place to live and do business or simply to get hired in the industries or companies and earn a standard livelihood. Due to the sheer number of industries operating out of London, it is unsurprising that the capital plays host to literally hundreds of networking events every month.

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