Recruitment Process in UK

Posted on: January 11 2020, By : Drishti Khimshia
Recruitment Process in UK
Recruitment is a process where a company hires new candidates to fill in the positions of new roles. It is a process to attract, shortlist, select and appoint them for the respective role. There is a process to hire these candidates while it is differs from country to country.

The recruitment process in UK is like –
1. A company appoints a recruitment agency in London who will hire the candidates on behalf of the organization. Generally companies in UK prefer to hire new applicants through a HR consultancy in London because they have better knowledge of the process and will hire the best candidates for the organization.
2. Advertise the vacant positions – After hiring the manpower recruitment agency in London:

a. The agency starts advertising the position on the company’s website and also on their own website as this will bring in more applications.
b. The agency can send emails to different universities there with whom they have maintained their relationships well and the university will pass it on to the students.
c. The agency will advertise it directly on the university intranet careers portals, which will give them access to deliver the message to a huge no. of students who are currently studying there.
d. The agency will email the vacancies directly to the undergraduates who have registered with the recruitment firm in London who are looking for internships or Jobs in UK.
e. The vacancies can be advertised on the company’s social media pages and also on the agencies social media pages as they have many followers who are in search for the job and it can be beneficial for them.
f.  To advertise on various specialized and also reputed recruitment platforms.

3. Once the sharing process is done from the Recruitment agency in UK’s side then candidates start applying online and share their CV’s or cover letters with them for the vacant positions.

4. The agency screens the candidate from the criteria which the company has provided to the HR Consultancy in UK so that the agency doesn’t select anyone who doesn’t qualify for it.

5. After the screening of the candidates, a telephone or Skype interview is scheduled to see whether the candidate meets the requirements or not. After that they are assessed and graded based on the interview. After assessing them the details are forwarded to the company so that they can check it and decide whether the candidate is useful to them or not.

6. After assessing them the agency recommends the company to contact the candidates as soon as possible. The company can contact them through any means of communications like email them or telephone or Skype interview can be scheduled. After this process the decision is of the company whether they want to hire the respective candidate or not.

7. After the selection of the candidate the offer is discussed with the company and the same is being communicated to the candidate who has been chosen for the role. To make the offer letter is in the hands of the company as even they can do it or they can ask the Recruitment firm in UK to make the offer letter for the candidate.

8. Once the offer letter is made the candidate placement is confirmed and is official that he or she is a trainee in the organization and not an employee. Once the whole recruitment process is over then the last part is left that is the joining of the candidate, which will happen on the due date given to him or her.

Recruitment Process is different in every organization. Some appoint a Manpower recruitment agency in UK for new candidates while some organizations hire them themselves. The organizations may take a long process to do this; an agency will help them to do it faster.
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